What’s this all about…

I think Stephen King once said “you can either write, or you cannot. You either have the talent or you do not. While you can become a BETTER writer, you cannot BECOME a writer”  so I guess this blog is generally to work out whether I can write, and if people want to read it.

As most people generally do, I’ve grown and developed as a person over the years. Starting out with aspirations, generally realising my aspirations are unachievable and setting more reasonable goals and then working on myself as a person.

I’m generally happy, I’ve got a great boyfriend,  which if you’d have known me when I was eight stone heavier seemed pretty impossible, I enjoy my job and have a close group of friends and family who make me feel loved and supported, but there has always felt like something that is missing, something that I want to do which I haven’t yet achieved.

you can either write, or you cannot. You either have the talent or you do not”

Hence the reason for this blog, I’ve always wanted to write, always felt the need to share my thoughts and feelings, and maybe it might not be interesting or people might not read it, but it is definitely going to help me.

How you might ask? Simply by being a cheap therapy, you the lucky reader/s will get to hear my problems and thoughts and hopefully might feel the need to either shut me up or understand me and have a few thoughts yourself. But I welcome it all, the good and the bad.

What can you do, simply comment or share my blog, get involved, share your pictures. I would hate to term this a ‘Gay’ blog as I don’t simply define myself by my sexuality,  yet I am not ashamed to be gay.

I would hate to term this a ‘Gay’ blog…

Some of my blogs might be about LGBT issues, or other things going on in my world or further afield, but I think I’ll find writing about them therapeutic and hopefully you will find it entertaining at the least.

The picture at the top of this blog is a little bit of a lie, I live a happy life and I am a generally optimistic sort of person, as most of my work colleagues would hopefully attest to, however life isn’t always plain sailing and there are always two sides to every story, multiple opinions to every debate and more twists than an episode of Game of Thrones.

Until next time…



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