Exploring the unknown…leaving the EU

The UK has woken up to a new dawn, a new period of  uncertainty and an opportunity to explore the unknown. Whichever way you voted, Leave or Remain, there is no doubting that the public have made their voice heard, an unprecedented 72% of people came out to vote in this historic event.

In his speech after the result, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would be resigning in October, and listed off a number of his personal achievements, including the introduction of Gay Marriage.

Now, some might argue that this is wasn’t simply David Cameron’s work, and I would agree to a certain extent. The Same Sex Marriage movement has a lot of people to thank and it seems that Mr Cameron simply picked up on a trend to help him win the election.

Although, it did take courage for him to push this through, especially since there was huge controversy from within his own party, in fact the majority of his party voted against Same Sex Marriage, so I don’t completely disregard the work he did and his involvement in making equal marriage a reality in England.

Gay legislation in this country has both Labour and the Conservatives to thank, Tony Blairs’ impact oversaw the introduction of civil partnerships; adoption rights; an equal age of consent; the repeal of section 28; ending the ban on LGBT people serving in our armed forces; new laws on hate crime and the Gender Recognition Act.

Some have wondered what the effect of leaving the European Union would have on LGBT people across the UK, a myth almost that we get told to do things by Europe, but in fact they cannot force the British government to do anything.

a myth almost that we get told to do things by Europe

Now we have left the EU, could the Government reverse Equal Marriage Act? Technically they could, the European Court couldn’t legally force the British Government to do anything whilst we were part of the EU so they definitely couldn’t do anything now. However, it is very unlikely any future government would want to do this, since it would be going against what a large proportion of the population want and most MPs now seem to support the act.

One of the first pieces of legislation the British Government could look at introducing is a new British Bill of Human Rights that would no doubt protect the rights of LGBT people and other minorities across the country from discrimination and the fear of having Same Sex Marriage reversed.

a great divide within the UK and I worry it’s not going to be solved any time soon

So I won’t be packing my bags and leaving the UK any time soon, well apart from for a long deserved holiday. There is a great divide within the UK and I worry it’s not going to be solved any time soon, but it’s for us to make our best efforts to make a new UK out of the EU work.

What does everyone else think? Are you happy we’ve left the EU?

Until next time…

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