Sleep or Game of Thrones!

It’s got to the point now in my relationship where my boyfriend makes me choose between staying in bed for a bit or getting up to watch Game of Thrones with him, usually the latter wins.

See, in this world of Twitter and Facebook, spoilers aren’t far away and neither me or Matt could cope if the show was ruined for us by a misplaced tweet or an annoying Facebook post purposefully placed to ruin our lives (maybe a slight exaggeration)!

Usually I’m not the type of person to become so obsessed with a TV show, but for those who haven’t watched it, you really should. One minute you hate a character, and the next you cry for them and smile in happiness when they slay their demons (slight spoiler, Cersei get’s her revenge in the Season 6 finale, and the girls rule the show #girlpower #sistersbeforemisters).


Now Season 6 is over, I’m slightly at a loss of what to do next, I’m empty inside you could say. Now some of you will say, get a life, which I wouldn’t blame anyone for saying…I really should.

But now I’m nearly at the two-year point of my relationship with Matt and on the wrong side of my 20’s (27, gasp!!!) I am very content with our Netflix and chill nights and definitely don’t crave a drunken night out,  only to wake up with cotton mouth and a banging headache which takes me pretty much a week to recover from.

I am very content with our Netflix and chill nights

Does this make me boring, is 27 the new 37, I sure feel like it and love nothing more than getting into my comfy clothes, cuddling on the sofa and going to bed at a reasonable time. God I sound old…

People can put pressure of you to act a certain way. An example of this was my cousin, he mocked me recently for posting a picture of the New York puzzle me and Matt had completed. Now, for a start, this wasn’t actually my idea, but the fact remains that I had to explain to him that I don’t want to be going out drinking all the time and now I’m a home owner, I rather enjoy our house and doing things at home.

Is 27 the new 37??

I also feel that because I’m Gay I am expected to act a certain way, like we can’t be monogamous, or watch a game of football for anything other than seeing hot guys running around in shorts, or actually watch an episode of Game of Thrones and wonder if Kit Harrington is going to take off all that heavy armour just to see them perfect abs (sorry got a little distracted there).

Anyway, my point is that we shouldn’t just live up to someone else’s expectations or stereotype, simply be yourself and don’t care what people think. I am a proud homosexual , who enjoys watching fantasy dramas, completing puzzles, doing the occasional sudoku, binge watching Netflix shows and cuddling on the sofa #LoudandProud

We should all just be ourselves, what ever the picture reveals.


Until next time…

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