Today marks two whole years!!

Some of the best things in life take time and patience. If you want something bad enough, then I guess you have to take the time to make it work. Good things come to those who wait I guess.

Now, as I discussed in my earlier blog The power of positive thinking!! me and Matt have had our struggles as a couple, in fact there was a time I didn’t think it was going to ever happen after he dumped me (thanks for that Matt)!! However, we both were patient and took our time and we have now officially been together for a full two years, happy days.

Now, if I’m completely honest when he asked me to go out with him the second time, I never thought we would be getting to our two year anniversary. I was (and probably still am to a certain extent) selfish, a nightmare to cope with, and a giant pain in the arse!! But he for some reason decided to continue on, knowing that he was going to go on one a hell of a ride with me.

I guess at a time like this though in our relationship it’s nice to think back on the good times over the last few years, of which there have been many.

Randomly booking a trip to New York

A month into our romance we had the sudden urge to book a holiday, and New York was the destination. Some people would start somewhere a little closer by, no not us!!

But even though to our families it seemed a little sudden and crazy, it just seemed right to us and we wasn’t going to hold off, we had already wasted time when we should have been together.


New York was amazing, and for those who haven’t been you should stop reading this blog right now and get it booked. Everything is how it is shown in the movies, steam coming up from the subway, breakfasts larger than the plate they’ve been put on, skyscrapers towering around you making you realise how small you really are, and the typical friendly Americans either shouting at you or making you feel ever so welcome in the Big Apple!!

I’ve been 3 times to NYC but this time with Matt was definitely my favourite, we did so much from drinking Cosmo’s in front of Times Square, getting conned by a guy selling que-jump tickets to the Empire State Building, only to end up right at the back of the que, paying $40 for photos with some random superheros (totally worth it), and almost falling asleep in the second half of Wicked (brilliant show, but definitely go on a night you aren’t fighting sleep deprivation).


Some of my best memories though were just being with Matt. Taking a ferry round New York, freezing my tits off, but Matt was there to keep me warm and laughing. Matt running me a bath after our first day out walking miles around the city, my feet blistering in pain!! And our final night at the most amazing restaurant, Annabelle’s, the setting was idillyic, the wine went down nicely and I fell in love with Matt even more.

The moment we met (almost) Cheryl Cole!!

We had been in London for Matt’s birthday, and we were walking towards a meal when we noticed a huge crowd surrounding a restaurant. We were intrigued and tried to find out what was happening. Through rumour and gossip we had an idea it was either Cheryl or some of the cast of TOWIE, as soon as I heard the name Cheryl I wasn’t going anywhere!!


Over an hour later, and still no Cheryl, I was desperate for the toilet and we were inside the lions pen, furious Cheryl fans calling out the non-Cheryl worshipers by playing a game of ‘name the Cheryl song’. Any moment I felt like I was going to be found out for not knowing the exact lyrics to ‘Fight for this Love’.

And finally she arrived, looking amazing but tiny. Matt’s photography catching her excitement at her fans clambering for a chance to touch the icon that is Cheryl Cole!!

Safe to say we didn’t get to our meal on time.

Our Titanic moment on the ferry to Rotterdam

Now I’ve never been a massive fan of boats, but last November when we went on the P&O ferry to Rotterdam, it has almost put me off for life!!

The weather forecast wasn’t the best but I tried to put it out of my mind, that was until the high winds started to kick in and make the ferry rock extremely, now I should just note (if you didn’t know already) I sometimes have a tendency to over exaggerate stories.

Anyway, to cure my nerves I drank more wine than I probably should have done, which meant on top of the boat rocking, my ability to walk in a straight line was seriously compromised, ending up with me thinking the boat was going to sink! The loud banging sound we heard from the waves crashing on the side of the boat didn’t help either. All I knew wast that I was getting into that life boat first.


After a traumatic sleep morning came and we had survived, barely. My nerves, and what ever man points I had accrued in my 26 years, gone for life.

Getting a mortgage!!

Now there comes a time in everyone’s lives where they have to pluck up the courage to make a decision which could affect the rest of their lives, ours came a little under a year into our relationship.

We had been looking at moving out together, but never actually thought we would buy somewhere, and I don’t think anyone else did either!! But the opportunity came to buy a house which was just too good to pass up.

I think Matt more than me worried it was too soon but it simply felt right, I felt confident in our relationship that it was going to go the distance and wanted to take the next step in our relationship. We are in the 21st century, times have changed and you don’t need to be married to make a commitment. I don’t need a ring on my finger to know Matt is committed to US, and I’m committed to US too!!

Now don’t get me wrong, living together can sometimes be a challenge. We fight like every other couple over silly things such as why Matt can’t hang my work trousers the correct way, or why I can’t pick my dirty clothes up off the floor in the morning (revelations people). But at the end of the day we get on with it, we always cuddle and kiss and make up, and never sleep when we are pissed off at each other!!

We always make sure we know how much we love each other as you never know when the last opportunity you have might be.

So after two fun filled years filled with excitement, getting to know and learn to love each others annoying habits, and travel a little of the world, I am excited for the future. The possibility of a ring? The opportunity to travel more. And maybe even doing a little more celeb spotting (Tom Daley please). But what I’m most looking forward to is spending time with Matt, our families, and friends as what I’ve learned most over these last two years is that they’re the ones who make me the happiest, never forget to tell that special person just how much they mean to you.

Happy 2 years anniversary Matt, here’s to the next stage in our lives. I guess so…

Until next time…


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