The horrors of turning another year older

In exactly a week’s time, I will have turned 28; and I’m dreading it! Adele has made a career of getting older and wiser, but to me, the horror of yet another year older is nearly here and I just want to hide my head under the covers and pretend it’s not happening.

Age is such a funny thing, when you’re young you can’t wait to get older and more mature, getting to learn to drive, getting to drink legally (like that stopped any of us) or being able to go watch an 18 movie at the cinema. But as you get older, you very quickly want time to stop and slow down, why can’t I stay 27 forever!!

So you’d think I would be glad it’s my birthday, why would I not enjoy a day where people are morally obliged to smile at me whilst telling me I’m getting older. On any other day this would be classed as an insult, but on my birthday it’s ok to do this. Congratulations to getting one year closer to becoming bald (as I keep getting told by Matt), one year closer to death! Now I know these are all very depressing thoughts, particularly the hair, so let’s try to turn this thing around.

There are definitely good things to birthday’s: being able to eat my weight in cake and not feeling too bad about it since “it’s my birthday”, spreading what should be a day’s worth of celebrations into a whole week of joy since “it’s my birthday”, and having a good excuse to not do anything and get waited on hand and foot since “it’s my birthday”. Is this just me?

Hopefully, you’re getting the general gist that I don’t mind birthday’s per se, just the idea that my life is dwindling away at lightening speed and I just don’t want it to. Life goes by so quickly that I sometimes forget to just enjoy it and stop worrying about things.

I’ve learned over the years that you shouldn’t worry about the things in life you have no control over. Plus, worrying causes wrinkles don’t you know and I’m maybe a little too young to be getting botox.


I do feel better this year though than some years. So for example, I’m no longer single (just for those who haven’t noticed) and I have been exploring some of my more creative outlets this year and will continue to do so going into 2017 (watch this space). I am enjoying life more than I’ve done previously but feel something is perhaps missing or I could be doing more.

Top of my list for 2017: more travelling, one of my best friends (you know who you are) inspired me with her adventures and travels and how life-changing it can be. Sometimes, I feel like just giving up my job, packing my bags and just going where the wind takes me. Anyone else?

First up this year is Amsterdam, I’m excited for the culture, the canals,  the cannabis cakes. I’ve visited before but never with Matt and we are planning on spending the time visiting the Anne Frank museum, taking a cruise down the canals and perhaps even visiting the Red Light District.

I’m hoping our trip will provide me with some much-needed clarity on life in general whilst giving me a break away from the day to day mundane. Not that I don’t love my life, but we all need something to look forward to, have something that is going to thrill and inspire us.

Until next time…


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