What is this all about?

George Orwell once said “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.

Blog’s are a place to share our feelings, vent out frustrations, and have a freedom to write what we want. My blog is all about this and sharing my views..

You might not agree, and I hope you might not always, and that’s ok and is what is so great about the world we live in. Not everyone agrees, there are multiple views to every dilemna, a hundred sides to every argument and I call on you to make your voice heard!

I will write about anything that interests me, I am not only one thing and this blog won’t be either. Be it my love of Game of Thrones, or my addiction to baking cakes, my love of films, cute pictures of Pugs or simply talking about my life it will all be on the blog…in fact it might act as therapy for me.

Feel free to comment on the blog or simply message me on twitter @CraigBarton20

Nothing is off limits and nothing is too personal (I hope)

Until next time…